For the love of steam!

by Alicia

A busy housewife, with a full time job, there is not a lot of spare time.

In fact, I frequently chuckle about the amount of “spare” time, I really don't have!
Over the winter months, our baby girl has been crawling around.
With a love of jam sandwiches, and anything else “sticky”, our floors have been somewhat disgusting.

Having weighed up a few options, I took the plump and bought a steam cleaner.

I bought it online. It seemed a little extravagant to purchase, but I was convinced I needed it. After all it was not just the floors...

  • The work tops

  • The Windows

  • Shower door

  • Carpets

...the list is fairly endless.

So when it arrived, I couldn't wait to get the steam mop out of the box. There were so many attachments! I was quite amazed.

The reservoir is impressive in size, given the output and duration that it runs for.

It's lovely to know that I am not cleaning with detergents. The fact that the steam is cleaning, and cleans really well is amazing.

This is an item of equipment that I originally thought was frivolous. Since my purchase, I cannot image life without it.

My steam mop is made by Vax. One thing that truly impressed me, was I posted the purchase and my delight on Facebook.

Vax contacted me, via Facebook, thanking me for purchasing one of their products.

I was impressed by the personal contact. It has made this product truly exceptional.

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