Bissell Steam Cleaner Reviews

Steam Shot , Vacuum Sweep

Bissell steam cleaner models vary. The company manufacturers some of the most reputable household appliances used in America today. By way of background which we hope will strengthen your resolve and increase your confidence should you like some of the Bissell steam cleaner reviews presented here; Bissell the company was started as way back as 1876 by a couple named Anna and Melville Bissell. Their first product inspired by a desire to deal with saw-dust was the popular carpet sweeper which made way to a range of home cleaning appliances due to its unprecedented success.

Bissell's products are essentially designed to provide practical time saving home cleaning tools which are light weight and easy to store. These are intended to produce better results in your cleaning endeavors than any ordinary cleaning tool you might care to think of. Today the company has a variety of Bissell cleaning products which include vacuum cleaners and deep cleaners with built-in water heaters that gives you the best results. Their first plant to manufacture Bissell cleaners was opened in Michigan, Grand Rapids.

The following are reviews of selected Bissell steam cleaners. In order not to waste time we prefer to review the top steam cleaners by Bissell to help you determine if you should really follow the crowds. We also include some machines which we think are of good quality and reputation even though they might not be as popular on the market as the ones everyone is flocking to. Most people follow price, yet price is not the best reflector of a good quality product. If anything it might be to the contrary.

The Bissell Steam and Sweep Hard Floor Cleaner

Bissell Steam CleanerThis steam cleaner sells on average for under $150.00. As the name would suggest, this product is two products in one namely the steam cleaner and the mop. Unlike some pressure washers also reviewed else where on this site, the steam cleaners such as this one are designed for comfortable indoor use. they produce no fumes or chemical emissions and run on electric power available inside your home. This steam and sweep hard floor cleaner is meant to be used on your hard floors such as those that are tiled, wooden floors and even cement floors.

Due to safety considerations in the design, in order to get steaming you will need to squeeze the trigger down each time to achieve this. This can easily turn laborious when you have a whole house to clean. You have to hold the trigger down for continuous steaming.

This Bissell steam cleaner apart from steam cleaning will also remove all debris that might be on your floor through a vacuum system. All this is achieved whilst you are standing providing tremendous ergonomic benefits. You will not need to bend in order to do some house work with this cleaner. We personally recommend this cleaner and confirm that it is deservedly highly rated across the internet. It has great maneuvering ability making it possible to fit under your home fittings and so on. We highly recommend this product, it has been purchased by hundreds of people for good reason.


- It's great it comes as a combo sweeping and steaming
- The water tank worryingly small yet lasts a very long time
- The electric cord is long enough to allow you to move around an entire room freely


- Trigger squeezing for steam each time can cause your finger to hurt
- Steaming and cleaning at the same time will leave some dirt stuck on the wet pad underneath which can spoil other parts of the room. Tip - first sweep and then come back and steam (double job though!)
- Takes a bit of time for pad underneath to get wet

The Bissell Steam Shot Hard Surface Cleaner

This is a lower priced hand-held version of a Bissell steam cleaner. It sells on average for $40.00 online. This Bissell unit is highly rated by individual owners who have employed it on various home projects. The following are some are common applications of the Bissell steam shot hard surface cleaner;

1. Microwave
2. Fridge
3. Stove
4. Kitchen counters
5. dishwasher
6. Sink

Bissell Handheld Steam CleanerThis Bissell steam cleaner is shipped with three different color coded brush attachments which you can separately dedicate to specific cleaning projects for hygiene purposes. the 16 foot secure electric code enables you to do your cleaning in one room with easy mobility. This little machine essentially uses the concept of pressure washers. It has a nozzle which releases pressurized steam for efficient cleaning.

One of the reasons that has made this steam cleaner popular is also it ability to steam fabric. This means you can use it to refresh fabric or straighten it out using a special nozzle. There are no chemicals involved when the machine is cleaning. It uses water which is turned into steam. This takes care of possible dangerous fumes and cleaning residue.

We think this is a good buy. However consider its size vis-a-viz your intended use. For example you will need to refill your reservoir of cold water roughly every 20 minutes of cleaning. Some cleaning projects might take longer due to its size. Overall we give it a 4 out of 5 stars rating.


- high quality material used to construct this unit
- excellent on cleaning kitchen surfaces and appliances
- chemical free, great for environment and food poisoning concerns
- tank lasts up to 20 minutes without need for refilling


- the size (small) of the unit can be a limiting factor for some cleaning projects
- the power sometimes feels too low for some projects.

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Other Bissell Steam Cleaner Alternatives

The following are possible options to consider when looking for thorough home cleaning. These are not steam cleaners but are deep cleaners especially designed for carpets and homes which have pets.

Bissell PowerlifterThe Bissell PowerLifter PowerBrush Cleaner - This deep carpet cleaner sells for just about $100.00. It has good ratings from users who own it and have used it. It has the ability to use hot water to enhance cleaning in addition to detergents. Hot water has to be poured into the reservoir already hot. It cannot heat it up for you. It tackles deep-down grit and stains usually associated with fibers such as carpets. It also removes carpet odors associated with pets and leaves a groomed look on these fabrics. You may consider reading more reviews on this product

Bissell Proheat CleanerThe Bissell ProHeat 2x CleanShot Deep Cleaner - This is a highly rated and recommended alternative to a Bissell Steam Cleaner with the ability to heat tap water and produce hot air for enhanced and effective cleaning. If you have specific trouble with spots in your home this is the answer to it. It has brushes and can also accommodate a cleaning formula to remove deep-down dirt. Remember that this is essentially a carpet cleaner and will not be able to do some of the things you will get from a proper steam cleaner. You may consider reading more reviews on this product