Hard Floor Steam Cleaner Reviews

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Hard floor steam cleaner reviews covered on this page are those of different models from different manufacturers to give you a wider overview of what's available on the market. We have done reviews of what are considered the best hard floor steam cleaners based on user feedback and reviews. This doesn't mean these have no flaws. We also highlight specific user complaints for each of the best models reviewed through our PROS and CONS section of each review.

We also recommend that you consider one of the best selling hard floor steamers from Eureka the Eureka Enviro Hard Surface Steam Cleaner model 313A that sells for just under $70.00 on Amazon. This model is fully reviewed separately. We highly recommend it and has average ratings of 4 out of 5 stars from thousands of happy users and owners. We review the rest of the other available models on this page as you continue reading.

First off- a few helpful notes that you might find handy as you continue your research on the best hard floor steam cleaner. Depending on the size of your cleaning you might require a lower priced model which can clean one or two rooms of tiles on a single fill. Steamers that can cover larger areas non-stop and that can also handle delicate hard floor surfaces might be more expensive. If you are in search of a hardwood floor steam cleaner , for example, please follow link for special reviews of models that do the job well.

In that same line, even though some of these steamers can sanitize carpets and fabrics they are really not upholstery steam cleaners nor fabric steamers. Follow links to read reviews on each of the specialized steamers.

A word of caution - to avoid disappointment and subsequently giving otherwise good and useful products unfair bad reviews; take note that hard floor steam cleaners do not pick up debris or particles. You will need a vac to be a forerunner to your cleaning projects before steaming. Steamers will remove hard stack-on stains, for example, but will not pick up any particles since they have no suction. The best they can do is to drag those particles along which is no solution at all.

The following are some hard floor steamers for you to consider;

The Haan Slim & Light Hard Floor Steam Cleaner SI-35 Review

Haan Hard Floor Steam CleanerThis floor steam cleaner is one of the highly priced yet delivering models on the market. Manufactured by Haan, a reputable steam cleaner manufacturer, the Haan Slim & Light SI-35 has a wattage of 1200w a very good sign for anyone who understands the correlation between high wattage and high steam temperature. High steam temperature in turn translates to effective cleaning which my include sanitization and disinfecting of your home hard floors and fabrics.

This model also has a special function which many users love which is the ability to freshen your carpet, your bedding such as mattresses and even you couch using a special glider attachment. At its highest temperature it kills dust mites and bed bugs too. Please note that this is not the correct appliance for deep carpet cleaning. In addition, to avoid steaming your feet when working you will need to put on some socks or closed shoes.

Haan manufactures a wide range of Haan steam cleaners whose reviews can be read in detail by following the link. This hard floor steam cleaner produces continuous steam for up to 20 minutes. This steam, due to the high wattage, can be as hot as 212 degrees.

This is hot but can not match the masters of the industry namely Ladybug steam cleaners which are essentially dry vapor steamers. They produce steam temperatures of over 300 degrees.


- great handle ergonomics, no bending over, nice feel when handling
- low profile head fits under most furniture and cabinets comfortably
- no chemicals involved, just water
- quick and easy set-up
- very easy to store, not bulky


- some users have complained that the low profile head does not really swivel as advertised. This gives the cleaner some limitations especially under cabinets and appliances
- individual user cases have also complained of steamer failing to perfectly clean white vinyl flooring

How long your steam lasts is essentially a function of how fast you move your steam around. If you steam slowly taking your time which is also good, expect your steam to last a shorter time as most hard floor steam cleaners are continuous steamers.

We highly recommend this hard floor steam cleaner especially for all your tiles and so on. It is a good buy. Individuals who order this unit also frequently kill one bird with one stone by stocking up their micro fiber pads with the blue Haan MF4 4 Ultra Microfiber Pads as well as the pink Haan MF2 2 Ultra Microfiber Pads.

The Steamfast SF-140 Hard Floor Steam Cleaner Review

Steamfast steamers are well respected in the North American market. This includes this hard floor steamer model SF-140. It has enjoyed very good reviews and ratings. Unlike the forgoing Haan hard floor steamer which has a wattage of 1200w, this Steamfast has only 1000w. It is clearly assumed to produce less heat compared to the Haan model. It also lasts way less than the Haan when continuously steaming at only 10 minutes.

Steamfast Hard Floor Steam CleanerWith this background information it is apparent that this steamer is for small home maintenance cleaning jobs. This is also why it is priced at less than half the cost of the Haan at only $43.00 online. This low range delivery is clearly reflected in the pricing. This is therefore an ideal hard floor steam cleaner for you if you are looking to pay less for a steam mop as well as wanting to use it in small areas at a time.

This steam mop is designed for the following floors;

- slate
- hardwood (sealed)
- tile, ceramic etc
- vinyl
- linoleum
- marble
- granite

After much outcry about wet floors, the manufacturer revised the manual to only 200ml at a time in the tank instead of 250ml.


- no chemicals, only tap water (non-hard water)
- swivel handle
- shortened cleaning time by half compared to chemicals and mops
- the velcro approach to fastening micro pads really appreciated by users - quick and easy and also secure
- sturdy


- some home steam heat testing by some users has revealed maximum 137 degrees, not hot enough to sanitize
- made mostly of plastic (reflected in the price)
- holds less water at only 8 oz
- the head not that much of a swivel especially under toilets

This is a recommended buy if you plan to clean small areas at a time in your home and also ready to spend little on a steam mop. It enjoys an average 4 out of 5 positive ratings from a huge pool of users.

More Hard Floor Steamer Reviews To Consider

Bissell Hard Floor Steam CleanerBissell Hard Floor Steamer 31N1 - this steamer has very good reviews. Please note that it is not a continuous steamer however. It has a trigger which has to be pressed each time you want the steam to come out. It is however much better and preferred over other models that require pumping on your part in order for the steam to come out. It sells for just under $90.00. At 1500w, expect some real tough cleaning and sanitization with this model. It has a swivel mop head and uses no chemicals, just tap water. You may look at other Bissell steam cleaners reviewed on this site.

Euroflex Hard Floor Steam CleanerEuroflex Monster Hard Floor Steamer Ez2- This is a pressurized hard floor steamer from Monster. It has the front steam jets for pressurized steam bursts to help with your cleaning. This deals particularly with hard to remove stuck-on dirt. It is also a very good steamer of hardwood floors, linoleum and different types of tiles. Quick and easy assembly. This models sells on average for about $60.00. It enjoys very good reviews which are above average from a huge pool of reviewers who own or regularly use this steam mop. You may see other Monster steamers by following link.

Haan SI53R Hard Floor SteamerHaan SI-35R Hard Floor Steam Cleaner - This steamer model from Haan is also on the higher pricing end selling for just above $100.00. It has a reasonable pool of satisfied users and an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. It lasts a good 20 minutes of continuo's steaming and is hot enough to kill bacteria, sanitize your carpet with the carpet glide as well as kill dust mites and bed bugs. It uses no chemicals and relies only on water (steam) for effective cleaning.