Euro Pro Steam Cleaner Reviews

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Euro pro steam cleaners are made by one of the oldest companies in the household cleaning industry Euro-Pro Operating LLC. The company has over 100 years manufacturing experience of everyday household appliances including steam cleaners and steam mops. To avoid confusion Euro-Pro is also the owner of a variety household brands such as Shark®, Bravetti®, Ninja® and Euro-Pro®. In fact one of the most popular steam cleaning products are Shark steam cleaners.

By design the Euro pro steam cleaner models are portable, appealingly designed, environmentally conscious, lightweight, ergonomic by design to protect your hands and fingers as well as your back. In overall terms before we get into nitty-gritty of each model, the brand is reputable, respected and made for the ordinary household in the context of price. It is essentially for many to afford!

The fact that most steam home cleaners such as the Euro pro steam cleaner mops do not use chemicals is significant and important. Detergents used in home cleaning have been shown to contain toxins and carcinogens. These can cause cancer in humans. Chemicals are also harmful to pets such as cats apart from the environment. Today it is largely pressure washers that use pressure washer soaps and detergents. These however largely clean outdoors.

The Euro Pro Shark Deluxe Steam Mop Cleaner - S3501N

Euro Pro Sharks 3501NThis is model S3501N selling for just about $85.00 from Amazon this Euro pro steam cleaner mop competes with others from other manufacturers such as the Bissell steam mops. It ii also lightweight and designed to sanitize hard floor surfaces such as cement floor, ceremic tiles, vinyl floors and so on. This euro pro steam cleaner is a deluxe appliance as suggested in the name. It does your hard floors as well as carpet-deep cleaning.

This model is renowned by users for its ability to cut drastically tile cleaning time. In case you are comparing this unit with the Bissell mops this unit swivels only 180 degrees against 360 degrees for the various Bissell models. The water tank on this model is extra large meaning it gives you more steam time. For your carpet included in the box is the carpet glider attachment that you will affix to carry out your carpet deep cleaning.

This unit is ergonomic, designed to prevent back and finger injuries as a result of standing or bending. The unit has an adjustable height which is ideal for users of different height. One of the complaints with the other brands of steam mop cleaners has been the constant need to press trigger to get steaming. This will end up hurting your fingers if you have many rooms to cover, for example.

With this unit, steam is automatically deployed on each forward push. We think that is remarkable in light of all the complaints about constant trigger pulling. We think this Euro pro steam cleaner is a good buy and we therefore recommend it. There are small differences found across most models in performance and effectiveness. Some you will need to choose to ignore.


- out-of-the-box quick and easy assembly
- praise-worthy 30 foot long electric cord allowing maximum room maneuverability
- does excellent job removing grime and hardened spills and dirt.
- the double sided pads basically gives you double number of pads.
- water only, chemical free clean prevents toxins that are said to cause cancer.


- some users have raised issues with the fragility of this model.
- some problems reported with mob heads leading to replacements at own cost
- overall cleaning delivery this unit often plays second fiddle to a number of other manufacturers

Important Tip: One of the reasons why floors look streaky when dry after using any steam mop cleaner is because people do not check underneath if the pad is dirty. They continue cleaning with a wet dirty pad that can't absorb any more dirt.

The Euro Pro Shark Deluxe Steam Mop Cleaner - S3501

Euro Pro Steam CleanerThis Euro pro steam cleaner mop is rather superior to the foregoing S3501N reviewed above. This superiority is communicated first of all in the price which is set at just under $150.00 per unit on most internet stores. This particular model has 2 pads, 2 interchangeable heads, and an additional 4 microfiber pads. The pads used here are disposable in an environmentally friendly way. This version differs from the one above because it has two interchangeable heads one standard and another triangle.

Most of the features and functions on this model are similar to the one above. For example, 180 degree swivel for enhanced maneuverability, deep carpet cleaning glider attachment. This is also a hard surface cleaner doing a thorough job on your tiles, vinyl, wooden and ceramic tiles amongst a variety of other hard surfaces.

Even though the manufacturers announce that steam mops sanitize floors, it might be really difficult to tell if they really do considering that many of them are not that hot . It's possible that certain bacteria and infections are destroyed but to what extent may remain a mystery. Some users of this model claim to sanitize their floors by combining steam and vinegar. They spray a little vinegar on the floor before steaming. We do not recommend this as it might damage some floors, but again its something one can experiment with it to prove if it really works. Apparently white vinegar is a natural way of sanitizing the home.


- produces a lot of steam that can effectively remove grime and accumulated dirt
- heats up quickly in a matter of seconds
- lightweight, easy storage


- hard plastic handle breaks. Many users complain that the handle breaks. Replacement handles are available from the manufacturer

Euro Pro the company has a variety of other models. Follow link to see more Shark steam cleaner reviews.

The Euro Pro Shark Steam Mop Cleaner - S3101

Euro Pro Steam Cleaner S3101This euro pro steam cleaner mop has overall good ratings amongst users. It is a recommended steam mop cleaner. It has a slightly shorter power cord at 20 foot. In terms of design our opinion is that it is extremely appealing and also lightweight and easy to store. This unit sells for just under $60.00. It has been criticized for lacking a swivel head which puts it at disadvantage compared to other mops that can do tight and far and difficut to reach corners.

This mop has some reasonable ergonomic considerations in the sense that steam is only released when the mop is pushed forward. This automatically releases the steam saving your fingers from constant trigger pressure as what happens with other models such as the Bissell steam mops. Even though this mop is considered light weight often too much lightweight may work against the mop as it looses much needed pressure against the floor for a sturdy push.


- mops quick and easy to fit and remove
- the steamer is very light and can easily be carried about
- quick and easy to assemble


- not very hot goes as high as 110 degrees
- handle can easily break (replacements available)
- lack of swivel in head undesirable
- flimsy connection on the structural joints