Karcher Pressure Washer Parts

Karcher Trigger Gun, Vario-Spray, Wide Surface Cleaner

Karcher pressure washer parts listed on this page are for a variety of Karcher pressure washers. These include Karcher electric pressure washers and some best pressure washer models from Karcher. Howver non of the parts are for heated pressure washers.

We have obeserved that most Karcher washer parts are compatible with a wide range of pressure units from the same manufacturer. This gives you as the onwer a wider range of options for your replacement parts and accessories regardless of washer model. The following are some Karcher pressure washer parts to consider;

Karcher 2.642-182.0 Trigger Gun and 25-Foot Hose and Quick Connect

Karcher Pressure Washer Parts - Gun, Connect, HoseThis set is one of Karcher's best selling replacement parts. It has three pieces namely a trigger gun, 25 ft hose and a quick connect. Many buyers have been satified with this purchase which is a money saver at $35.00 for this set compared to purchasing each piece separately.

This replacement set has also been praised for instantly upgrading your pressure washer into a quick connect system. In as much as the set will work with most Karcher electric pressure washers, it is however not compartible with certain karcher washers particulary those with an onboad hose reel. It is suitable for washers with a maximum of 2000psi.

Many users have praised this set for being easy to connect and start using. It has an even much better quality than the parts being replaced from older model Karcher washers. The trigger gun in particular is more attractive and well designed. We recommend this replacement set as a value for money set. We confirm that it is manufactured in Germany and is of a high long lasting quality.

The Karcher 2.642-191.0 Vario Spray Wand K2-K5 Series

Karcher Pressure Washer - Vario SpraySelling at just under $20.00, this is an important part amongst many other Karcher pressure washer parts. It is used as a replacement or upgrade vario-spray wand for Karcher washers that come alreday with a vario power spray. The wand has a dial were user can dial a low or high pressure output. It is the low pressure output that is used to automatically spray soap before shifting to high pressure output for pressure cleaning.

This replacement or upgrade vario spray wand has received very good ratings from satified users. It is quick and easy to install and is a genuine Germany made replacement part. Amazon offers the best deal for this item. It is compatible with electric Karcher pressure washers in the consumer category.

The Karcher 2.640-959.0 Pressure Washer T-Racer Wide Area T-100

This Karcher pressure washer parts model is one of the best selling units. It is used to clean horizontal surfaces such as walkways, driveways, terraces and so on. It is categorically not a scrubber. It only prevents high pressure water hitting back or rocketing stones and particules off surfaces as you are cleaning as often happens with ordinary wands.

Karcher Pressure Washer PartsIt also protects these surfaces from being damaged by high pressure cleaning water as you are doing your cleaning jobs. This part also comes with 03 extension tubes and 02 high pressure nozzles. It is designed for all karcher washers that have maximum 2300psi and with bayonet connectors.

The T-100 has very high ratings coming from users satisfied with its professional perfomance. Some of the areas credited for the high ratings include the ability for the T-100 to clean a wide area in one go reducing the time spent cleaning as well as guarding aganist debris spraying which can also become another cleaning job on its own.

This unit amongst all Karcher pressure washer parts is considered one of the easiest to connect. Once delivered expect quick and easy connection to your Karcher model and getting down to business. It sells for about $50.00 online.

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The Karcher 2.641-005.0 Pressure Washer T-Racer T350

Whereas the T-100 reviewed above is designed for maximum 2300psi, this T350 wide surface area cleaner is also amongst highly rated Karcher pressure parts and is designed for gas powered washers from Karcher of 2400psi to 2650psi. It has a 12-inch wide cleaning area which should be a horizontal surface such as your driveway, sidewalk, patios and terraces.

karcher Pressure Washer Parts T350This T350 wide area surface cleaner takes much less time to clean compared to a wand. In fact some users have praised it for consuming less gas compared to a pressure wand. It's hoover like approach to surface cleaning is also appreciated as it makes it very easy to operate. Unlike the wand which can damage surfaces at 2650psi, this T-racer contains the spray and effectively prevents debris from your power cleaning from being sprayed all over.

Users particulary like its light weight and egonomic design so much that you can endure cleaning without having your arms painfully strained. Expect a fine and well done surface after running this T-racer over your surfaces with your gas karcher washer.

On the other hand a particular downside you need to be aware of as you use this surface cleaner is that you will need to use a hose to remove debris after cleaning. When using a wand you are able to control the direction of the debris which is usually pushing it forward as you clean.

The wide surface cleaner "sits" on the debris preventing it from being cleared away as happens when using the wand. All said, this is a smaller price to pay compared to overall value of this Karcher pressure washer part. The less time taken cleaning and the gas saved!

Selling for $70.00 we fully recommend this highly rated pressure washer wide surface area cleaner. It is a very good buy which you can even consider when buying a pressure washer so order it at the same time.