Steam Cleaner Accessories and Parts

Microfiber pads , Extension handles, Nozzles

Steam cleaner accessories and parts are amongst the most consumed after purchase items in as far as steam cleaner appliances are concened. In most cases different steamer manufacturers ship the models with a variety of attachments needed for steaming different surfaces. This is the practice across most brands such as McCulloch, Bissell, Haan, Hoover and many others.

Studies done using statical data on purchase patterns show that steam cleaner brush attachments are amongst the most purchased steam cleaner parts and accessories. This is because they often wear out faster than all other accessories considering the role they play in grout steam cleaning, upholstery steaming, engine steam cleaning and even carpet steaming, for example.

Other common parts and accessories include microfiber replacement pads as well as belts for some steam carpet cleaners. Microfiber pads are used on steam mop heads and many of them from some manufacturers tend to shrink when washed rendering them useless as they won't fit on the steam mop head. Other useful accessories and parts for steam cleaners include telescopic wands as well as extensions similar to accessories and parts associated with pressure washer accessories.

The following are some steam cleaner accessories and parts available for different steam cleaners. Some are designed to be universal, yet the majority are for specific steam cleaner models.

The Haan MF4 4-Ultra Microfiber Steam Cleaner Accessory Pads

Haan Steam Cleaner Accessories And PartsAs mentioned microfiber pads are amongst the most replaced steam cleaner accessories. The Haan MF4 are a set of blue microfiber pads designed to be super absorbent. This means users can expect effective drying of floors when steam cleaning. The pads are reusable through washing and sell as a set of four in color blue for about $18.00.

Before making a purchase of these pads please ensure that your Haan steam cleaner model is any one of these - FS-20, Fs-30 and FS-50. Outside of these models the pads can be too small or too big.They particulary do not fit the Haan HD-50, SV-60 and SI-35 steam cleaners, for example. These pads are attached to your steam head using velcro and are made for Haan steamers of models mentioned above.

It is a good idea to purchase extra pads at the same time as your steamer. The 2 pads that come with the steamer are hardly enough to do a big home. Most users prefer to have a pad for each room.These pads have received high ratings from users of suitable models which they were designed for. Haan has also other accessory pads coded Haan MF2P 2-Ultra microfiber pads.

Did You Know: Most streaking when steam cleaning is caused by over using pads. Changing pads frequently when steaming resolves this problem. Rough grout is often responsible for fast wearing out pads.

The Haan Steam Cleaner Short Handle Attachment

Haan Short Handle AttachmentThis is part of steam cleaner accessories and parts for a Haan hard floor steamer. It transforms a Haan steamer into an effective upholsery steamer which can also sanitize your matresses and countertops.

Other places to steam in this short handle mode are your beds, chairs and couches. Remember that this short handle attachment replaces the long standard floor steamer handle. It is quick and easy to fit transforming an otherwise bulky Haan steamer a somewhat handheld steam cleaner.

This attachement handle accessory is highly rated by owners of suitable Haan steamers as it can increase the range of cleaning projects the steamer can do. This short handle sells for about $13.00

The OXO Good Grips Grout Brush

Oxo BrushThere are counteless reviews of users who have been disappointed by the non-effctiveness of their purchased grout steam cleaner brushes. This brush can be a very important part of your steam cleaner accessories and parts. You can use it to independently clean your dirty or stained grout as you steam clean. It may even be used alone with a detergent solution without a steamer.

However, it is perhaps more effective used together with a very hot steamer and with no chemicals. Apart from grout, this steam cleaner accessory can also accompany your steamer in your tiles, shower door tracks and sink drains cleaning projects.

It's been praised for being ergonomic when it comes to its handle. It is a stiff and narrow brush for the most difficult of places to reach. Complaints aganist it have been how difficult it can get to hold when your hands are wet and also how it tends to scatter the dirt when scrubing is a circular motion.

The Bissell Water-Calcium Filter Steam Cleaner Replacement Part

Bissell Steam Cleaner FilterThis filter is an important part of your steam cleaner accessories and parts inventory. It is designed to be used in places where tap water is hard water to prevent calcium deposits and other minerals demaging your steamer. Some users even use the filter with distilled water with amazing results of what the filter still captures.

This calcium filter steam cleaner replacement part for Bissell does not work with all Bissell steam cleaners. It is for steam mops 1865 and 1867. Users have complained that the filters are on the expenisve side at about $12.00 each. Replacements of the filter will have to be on a regular basis depending on usage of steamer. At four to six replacements you would have spent enough to purchase a new steam mop.

These calcium filters are also very delicate and can easily crack if knocked aganist furniture whilst steaming. Some users have complained of steam mop leaking when filter is over-used or damaged. If you are having a leakeage problem you might consider checking your filter status. Overall a new filter is quick and easy to replace.

TIP: When a filter change is due your filter changes color from original new filter green color to grayish or black color. There is a great danger of damaging moulds developing if filter is stored away with water after use.

The Bissell Microfiber Replacement Pads

Bissell Deluxe Microfiber PadsAlso an important part of your Bissell steam cleaner accessories and parts inventory are these Bissell deluxe microfiber replacement pads. These replacement pads are top of the range and will work with all Bissell steam cleaner models 31N1 and 1867 series. Unlike other replacement pads from other brands that are secured using velcro, these particular pads are secured through the use of a toggle.

Many users who have purchased these stand alone replacement pads have praised them for being a perfect fit for the models they are designed for i.e 31N1 and 1867 series. Some have however noted a somewhat thinner profile than the original ones shipped with steamer purchase. These pads are a bit pricey at about $20.00 each set.

The Ladybuy Steam Cleaner Accessories and Parts

Ladybug Steam CleanerThe following are some selected Ladybug steam cleaner accessories and parts for use with Ladybug steamers. The Ladybug is a top of the range steamer selling for not less than $1000.00 depending on model. It is considered a dry vapor steam cleaner due to the very high wattage responsibe for very hot steam output in the form of vapor. This means it has very low moisture content and cleans faster and better than most conventional steamers.

The Ladybug steamer nozzle - This accesssory is a high pressure nozzle which has a metal tip. It is great for steam cleaning your grout, car engine and specific surfaces with tough stains that require a high concentration of very hot steam. This part sells for about $35.00

Ladybug steamer extension handle - this is an important accessory for your Ladybug steamer. It lengthens your reach by extending the handle. Up to three of these extension can be used. It is on the pricey side at about $60.00 for each extension.